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Both the Institute and the members, who compose it, have as desired effect to gain experience and expertise in designing and implementing sustainable building practices. Institute members are sought to be:

  • Manufacturers of products related to the building, building inspectors, contractors who provide services
  • Utilities and energy service providers,
  • Buildings Owners,
  • Assets and facilities managers,
  • Professional services (including but not limited to architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, estate agents, property inspectors, project managers and advisory groups for environmental services)
  • Construction companies and subcontractors,
  • Financial institutions (including banks and insurance companies)
  • Federal and state organizations and local authorities,
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Technical Universities and Research Institutes
  • Professional associations


Therefore, the association of these persons has an unprecedented human capital of knowledge; able to provide consulting services on everything that has to do with green construction.

Institute resources will be mostly provided by the proceeds mentioned previously from counseling services or public works.


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