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The Greek Institute for Building Technology and Science (EITEK) is the official body promoting practices of saving resources (materials and water) in the construction, operation, maintenance and demolition of buildings, protecting human health and increasing the comfort level of the users.


The objectives of the Institute are:

  • Promoting the planning / design, construction and use of buildings, communities and other infrastructure, so they are environmentally safe, friendly, sustainable, efficient and profitable places, within which one can live, work and satisfy any other need.


  • Promoting a closer connection between people in the construction industry and other sectors dealing with construction, use and promotion of safe and sustainable buildings and communities.


  • The emergence of Greece as a main engine coalition of leaders involved in the production of safe and sustainable buildings and communities.


  • To encourage the dissemination and development of knowledge concerning the safe and sustainable practices in technical projects and especially in the building and related industries.


  • To support the campaign for wider recognition of safe and sustainable policy in buildings and communities, as well as the effort of market transformation in the construction sector.


  • Publication of safe and sustainable construction practices regarding the building industry and the wider community in general.


  • To be a focal point of reference and information search on environmental protection and sustainable development building, starting from the construction industry and reaching the consumer.


  • To act as lead partner in research projects regarding the environment, the sustainable development and the evaluation methods.


  • To support and encourage the teaching and the research programs that are designed to increase the basic knowledge and skills of professions associated with the building and in particular to play an active role in order to align this relevant research with public funding for the requirements of the market, for innovation and the development of applications of green building.


  • To participate in public debates on environmental issues regarding the building industry


  •  To be the main technical and economical adviser of the State on Green Building matters,


  • To participate in competitions of Public Private Partnership to ensure resources for its operation


  • To provide advisory, financial, technical and legal services on building matters, environment and ...


  •  To seek ways of acquiring funds that will relate to the application of the issues mentioned above, either in Greece or abroad.


  • Creating VTC (vocational training centers) with the exclusive object of action of VTC to provide ongoing professional training and related activities (research studies, workshops, conferences, training aids for trainees, participation in integrated programs, community initiatives, promotion actions and support of employment).
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