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Arching objective of the Greek Institute for Building Technology and Science (EITEK) is the production and promotion of innovative services and technologies that can be applied specifically to the Greek environment. So based on this intention, the purpose of the Institute is to participate in as many research projects applicable to Greek or European soil, colluding with other bodies and taking advantage of community programs with researchers members.

Pursued lines of research are the objects of the institutes, namely the recycling and recovery of natural resources, the study of effects from aggravating factors of survival, the saving of energy with the development and utilization of renewable energy sources (RES) for heating, cooling, the on-site power generation, the energy storage, the development of environmental technologies environmentally friendly and methods of management / utilization of agricultural and municipal solid / liquid waste and greenhouse gases in order to reduce the environmental footprint and / or the production of new products with high added value. Socio-economic impacts of climate change, the search for innovative educational and building methods and exploring new sustainable financial models, developing new / composite / smart materials with high added value, friendly to the environment and health, with improved properties, the development of Nanomaterials to develop innovative products with high added value and improved properties (e.g. coatings, adhesives, plastics, textiles) Nano / microelectronics, sensors and semiconductor technologies, Networks of "Green" Technology (Green Wireless), technologies of development of wireless systems Low power consumption, served by renewable energy sources, wireless sensor networks, energy management for low consumption, interconnection of objects, composition of data from heterogeneous sensors.

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