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Conference 28/06/2013
  • Brief description of the conference
    The conference is both to demonstrate the devastating impact from thoughtless energy consumption from buildings and especially that produced by non-renewable sources, and on the other hand, to highlight the advantages of energy saving and its production from renewable sources.
    • In an economy based primarily on the construction industry, the integration of "green technologies" in buildings creates new data and interacts not only with the construction sector but also with the sector of industry /processing, which will be analyzed thoroughly during the conference.
      The conference is "Energy Day" supported by the European Commission under the European Sustainable Energy Week (Sustainable Energy Week) and conducted between 24 and 28 June of 2013.

  • Basic conference topics
    The conference will highlight important topics of consumption, management and energy production in buildings. It will analyze the life cycle of buildings, the technologies and forms of energy production from renewable sources, the measurement systems, control and energy management and modern energy saving practices.
    • Alongside, it will analyze both the national energy policy, and that of the European Union. It will explore the possibility of funding and subsidy and provide the financial benefits of those investing in energy technologies. Additionally, we will present case studies of exemplary buildings in terms of energy consumption and performance.
      Finally, we will present the certificates and standards of evaluating the energy performance of buildings applied in Greece and internationally.

  • Target Group
    The conference is addressed to all groups that have a direct or indirect interest in energy issues (stakeholders).
    The chief representatives of these groups are: More
      1. Construction Companies
      2. Productive Companies (Industries)
      3. Multinational corporations with significant office use
      4. Companies in Real Estate Investment
      5. Energy services companies (firms) or otherwise ESCO
      6. Department stores (malls)
      7. Prefectures, Municipalities and Public Domain
      8. Hospitals
      9. Industries of chemical, paint, insulation, windows, refrigeration / heating and general building materials and equipment
      10. Stores
      11. Hotels
      12. Education providers (schools, universities, etc)
      13. Bodies of entertainment

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